'Working with Daniel  provided a huge contribution to my vocal development and confidence in my technique.'

He’s very thorough in his pedagogy and incredibly knowledgable. His insight into the physicality of singing was a significant help in understanding singing as it relates to my own physiology. He supplies many charts and pictures as well to help you understand what he is trying to get out of you. Also, he himself is a fantastic singer so he is able to demonstrate what he wants and you are able to hear it. I highly recommend him to any level singer.

Adelmo Guidarelli, Opera Singer

'Studying with Dan was a very important chapter of my development as a musician.'

He’s a great guy with a wonderful understanding and knowledge of the art forms that are singing and opera. With Dan’s help, I was able to get a perfect score for NYSSMA Level 6-All State (going on to sing with the All State Mixed Choir); prepare for, audition for, and get accepted to colleges to study voice; and learn lots of music! I always had a great time in my lessons and looked forward to them each week. I would definitely recommend him to anyone in reasonable proximity that is looking for a teacher.

Max, Indiana University Jacobs School of Music

'Daniel Klein teaches healthy vocal technique.'

He is very conscious of getting the whole body involved in order to get the best results. I studied with Dan for three years and got a lot out of his teaching style. I responded well with his visualizations and his many diagrams sitting on his piano. He's very organized and knowledgable. He also has had a lot of performance experiences and gives good advice in the field.

 - Karen, New England Conservatory, BM
San Francisco Conservatory, MM

'I began with absolutely no vocal training and I have made unbelievable progress.' 

Through numerous warm up exercises, vocal techniques, and of course practice, I have learned to use my voice in ways I never imagined possible. Throughout the course of my weekly lessons, I learned that there is so much more to proper singing than meets the eye, and I have improved dramatically. Within the first few weeks I had already gotten comments on my improvements, such as vocal range, projection and sound quality.  Dan will explain things in a way you can feel and understand and once you have started you won't want to stop. There's a lot more to learn about singing than I could have ever imagined but I really feel that he gave me a strong foundation as I still use many of those early underlying techniques I learned from Dan.'

- Aaron, The Julliard School

'Daniel Klein is a gifted singer whose understanding of music and singing is that of a master.'

His work both as a soloist for my ensembles and as a singing teacher have been first rate. A number of his students have gone to All-State. Daniel is a world-class singer who is always prepared and polishes his material. A hard worker, Daniel has consistently exceeded my expectations.

M. van Schenkhof, Manhasset High School

'Dan instructed my three oldest sons in vocal lessons with extremely positive results.'

They all learned a lot about using their voices properly as well as proper breathing techniques and sight reading. He made singing fun for three very different adolescent boys, whose voices ranged from tenor 1 to bass 2. He encouraged and brought out the best in them, and without Dan my oldest would never have made it into the All-Eastern choir as an eleventh grader. They all sing for fun now and are very confident in that having had instruction from Dan. I whole-heartedly endorse him as an instructor.

Kathleen, Manhasset

When I came to Dan Klein one year ago, I considered myself an alto, not exactly with the best range. I was able to belt, but my head voice was non existent. I had a horrible break. Although I had a powerful voice, it wasn’t enough. My tone was rather brassy, and I was extremely limited when it came to what I could sing. It is now one year later, and

my voice has totally changed.

Not only has my range increased, but with Dan I have discovered new parts of my voice. I’ve developed an extremely strong bottom. This year, I had the opportunity to play Ellen in “Miss Saigon.” With Dan’s coaching, people were extremely impressed with my new voice, and complimented me on  how beautiful the bottom of my voice was, but that wasn’t all. My upper range is also so powerful, and my tone is getting better and better. With Dan I’ve overcome my fear of my head voice. Dan Klein is an excellent communicator. Through Dan’s teaching methods, I have made so much progress. His teaching methods are simply remarkable. He taught me how to get in touch with parts of my body to make these beautiful sounds that I never thought could come out of me. He has built confidence within me not only vocally, but acting as well when it comes to emotions within a song. Now here I stand with a huge range. This year I sang a song with a high C in i t. Crazy right?  Today I consider myself a Mezzo- Soprano. As far as I’m concerned, Dan Klein is a wizard.

- Lindsay, Boston University

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