Think. Breathe. Sing.

You have a unique voice, something to say and something that deserves to be heard.

 I strive to uncover and refine the potential of each person's voice and bring these abilities to light as quickly and effortlessly as possible.  Each student comes with their own strengths and weaknesses, and their own particular way to learn, think and progress.  I use my classical training in bel canto technique and my experience as a professional singer (in opera, musical theater, concert and world music) coupled with up to date research and techniques in sport and performance psychology, physiology and neuroscience to help you discover your unique voice, and to make it stronger, all the while giving you the tools and techniques for success both on and off the stage.

I offer elite vocal and singing training for singers, from aspiring to professional in a broad range of styles and genres. Lessons can be scheduled in person on Long Island, New York City and Online.

Where should we focus?

We all sing for different reasons, and come to it from different perspectives. Together let’s find where to focus to make the biggest impact.

Audition and Performance Prep

Audition and Performance Prep

Getting ready for a big audition for a show? For college? Or a competition? Already got the part but not sure how to take it from page to stage? How do you handle nerves and stage fright? What should you even be singing?

Don’t worry, I have you covered from A to Z. From picking the right piece, to how to learn it, and then how to tell the audience a story they won’t forget.

Singing Technique

Singing Technique

Having trouble with high notes? Is your voice cracking? Is your voice getting tired? Are people telling you to support, but not sure what that means? Or not sure what range you should be singing in?

Building a functional and powerful voice technique starts with understanding how your body, voice and mind work together. I can help you understand the total picture, and put it all together.

Musicianship and Sight Reading

Do you want to learn how to read music? Need help with sight reading? Want to understand the music theory and how it can inform your singing?

Lets give you the tools and techniques to unlock your musical potential…

Why study with Daniel?

  • Friendly, personalized learning environment

  • Students have won awards, competitions and major scholarships

  • Technology integrated regularly

  • He practices what he teaches

  • He has international and cross genre credits

  • Performance focused teaching