...Daniel Klein pulled out all the stops, finishing the final measure with a thrilling, sustained high A-flat. And in the prison scene, the whole audience was in the palm of his hand.

Daniel Foley, musicalcriticism.com

Klein, an opera singer, has a smooth voice and smooth movements that are perfect for musical theatre.

June 2013, Sherry Cohen, Broadwayworld.com

Wow. Great reviews, right?  Wouldn't you like to get reviews like that?  Is that something you can learn to do? Can I teach it to you?  Yes.


I start with these reviews so you can see what other people are saying about me, rather than me telling you what a great performer and singer I am.  So about me— I have a Bachelor Degree from Carnegie Mellon University and Masters Degree from University of Southern California.  I have been singing since I was an 8 year old as a boy soprano and had my first professional singing job at 19.  I have taught private voice lessons for over ten years.  

The most important fact about me though, is that I am in love with my profession as a singer, and that I love teaching people how to sing.  To be totally honest, there are lots of people that can teach you how to sing well, and I will certainly set you on that track too.  I'm pretty sure though, that most of them do not come at it with such enthusiasm and love for this amazing art and all it involves.  NO question that making singing look easy takes a lot of work, but I teach you the craft of becoming a great performer and singer.  And, yes, I can teach you that!  

 Why don't you read what some of my former students have to say.

About the studio


At Daniel Klein's Voice Studio I specialize in uncovering and refining the potential of each person's voice and bringing these abilities to light as quickly and effortlessly as possible.  I use my training in classical bel canto technique and couple that with recent breakthroughs in physiology and neuroscience. Additionally I bring my personal experience on both sides of the audition, as a professional singer and General Director of the North Shore Music Festival.

The studio's emphasis is on young adult and early professional singers.  Many students come with a focus on NYSSMA, competitions, college and conservatory auditions. In this regard Daniel Klein's teaching has been extremely successful with alumni attending such schools as The Julliard School, Indiana School of Music, Carnegie Mellon, New England Conservatory,  Manhattan School of Music and Peabody.