2018-19 Lesson Rates

  • One hour lesson: $90

  • Forty five minute lesson: $75

  • Half hour lesson: $50

Payment of lessons

  • All lessons must be paid for at the time of the lesson. This can be paid in cash (please have exact change), check, or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express are accepted). You may also pay in advance via Paypal.

  • If a check is returned by the bank, the parents of the student, or the adult student, will be charged the bank fee.


  • For serious students who would like to take more than one lesson a week, Mr. Klein gladly will offer a 10% discount on lessons. This payment must be received at the first lesson of the week.

  • For first time students Mr. Klein offers a 50% discount on their first lesson.


  • A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to cancel a lesson.

  • Students who do not give 24 hour notice of a cancellation will be charged for that lesson.

  • Students who do not show up for their lesson will be billed for that lesson.

  • The only exceptions to this policy are: weather related (when the school districts have closed school), or for medical reasons, in which case a doctor's note must be presented


  • Students who are tardy will only receive instruction for the remainder of their scheduled time.

 Health Issues

  • Please notify me of any health problems that I should be aware of and whom to notify in case of emergency.

 Visiting/Sitting in lessons

  • If parents or siblings wish to attend a student’s lesson, they must remain quiet for the lesson.


  • It is expected that a student will put practice time in on a daily basis.