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The Voice Studio of Daniel Klein

Think Breathe Sing, Daniel Klein’s Voice Studio specializes in uncovering and refining the potential of each individuals voice and bringing these abilities to light as quickly and efficiently as possible.  He uses his extensive knowledge of classical ‘bel canto’ technique coupled with recent breakthroughs in physiology and neuroscience. Additionally he brings his personal experience on both sides of the audition, as a professional singer and General Director of the North Shore Music Festival.

The studio’s focus is on young adult and early professional singers.  Many students come with a focus on NYSSMA, competitions, college and conservatory auditions. In this regard Daniel Klein’s teaching has been extremely successful with alumni attending such schools as The Julliard School, Indiana School of Music, Carnegie Mellon, Manhattan School of Music and Peabody. 


Beau soir

Music by Claude Debussy
Poem by Paul Borget

NYSSMA Level 5

Beau soir is one of Debussy's very early songs, written when he was still a teenager.  Musically it sets a dream like, enchanted sound and the text paints rich images.  

This holds several demands for a beginning singer in that it has an range of about an octave and a half, requiring a good projection of high and low notes, it has several sustained notes, and can be rhythmically tricky for the singer to get at first.

This text has been hyperlinked as much as possible to the correct word on which provides recordings of the word spoken by native speakers. Click here to find out more about this great tool.

Translation from Wikipedia Page

When streams turn pink in the setting sun,
And a slight shudder rushes through the wheat fields,
A plea for happiness seems to rise out of all things
And it climbs up towards the troubled heart.
A plea to relish the charm of life
While there is youth and the evening is fair,
For we pass away, as the wave passes:
The wave to the sea, we to the grave.

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This is not intended to replace a competent pianist nor a competent voice teacher, but rather to aid you in the learning of new repertoire.  Nor is it by any means a definitive collection of information.  It is intended to give the aspiring singer several tools at their disposal to learn and perform the above piece.