A Professional Singer



I love lists, who doesn't.  One of the most satisfying things in the world is making a list and then crossing things off said list.  Today  I am sharing a list with you, a list of requirements to be a professional singer.  It is not my list, it comes from Judith Natalucci.  Apparently she put it together while on the faculty of USC back in the 90s.  

So with out further ado...

So... you want to be a professional singer?

Here’s a brief list of some of the

characteristics that you’ll need:

(compiled by Judith Oas Natalucci)

Prerequisite: Natural Vocal Talent

  1. Vision
  2. A Plan
  3. Networking
  4. Confidence
  5. Positive Mental attitude
  6. Artistry
  7. Voice
  8. Energy
  9. Health
  10. Stamina
  11. Strength
  12. Musicality
  13. Intelligence
  14. Aggressiveness
  15. Organization
  16. Discipline
  17. Even Temperament
  18. Ability to Appraise a Situation with Calmness
  19. Tenacity
  20. Spirituality
  21. An Absolute Clear Understanding of Vocal Technique
  22. Language Skills
  23. Acting Skills
  24. Body Awareness
  25. Support System
  26. Ability to Earn Money Other Than From Singing
  27. Access to Money
  28. Courage
  29. Willingness to Risk
  30. Nerves of Steel
  31. Honest Self-Appraisal
  32. Analytical Mind For Problem Solving
  33. Independence
  34. Charm - On and Off Stage
  35. Conversational Ability When Out of Your Own Culture or Peer Group
  36. Individuality
  37. Good Looks
  38. Well Dressed
  39. Motivated
  40. Intuitive
  41. Stage Deportment
  42. Poise